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Tons and tons of hair extension companies have pop up everywhere due to the booming popularity of these much-loved extensions. Bet, you may have noticed that. It’s actually kind of hard for us, nowadays, to choose which brand among the many brands of extensions should we choose and rely on. We know for a fact that some companies sell non-remy hair and make people believe that what they’re selling is pure remy even if in reality it actually isn’t or is just made of about 40-60% of it. That’s one of the ultimate fears of every buyer. We can’t really guarantee the quality of the products we buy. However, there are buying techniques you can follow to become a wise buyer and only get the best quality products available in the market. Here are a handful of smart tips to help you find the leading clip ins there is in Australia.



1. Identify if it’s cuticle intact or cuticle stripped
There are basically two types of extensions, we have the cuticle stripped and cuticle intact which is popularly known as remy human hair. So when looking for the best quality, you always have to make sure that what you get is the cuticle intact type. You can easily determine it by the appearance of its strands. The cuticle stripped type looks kind of dull already due to the absence of protective layers which has been stripped off in the process of making the product and have been replaced already with a silicone coating. While the cuticle intact appears neat and natural since it is made of genuine human locks and the protective layers or cuticles are still intact and are all facing in the same direction.

2. Get familiar with the brand
Before you purchase a set, consider doing some research first on that certain brand you’re planning to buy. Keep in mind to choose a reputable and trusted brand. You may look for some product reviews and ask around from people who have tried using those products. Familiarizing certain brands first will help you make a wise choice.

3. Check the clips
One thing to keep in mind when purchasing a set of clip ins is the quality of the clips. Are they durable? Do they easily break? The quality of the clips says a lot about the overall quality of the product. Make sure to buy those with toupee or snap clips which have silicone lining on its cross-bar. Consider going for those with u-shaped lines since they hold much better compared to those straight fork-like ones.

4. Know the grams
You have to check the weight of the wefts as well. Measure the total amount of grams and pick the one that would best fit the type of tresses you have. If you have fine strands, go for less heavy grams to avoid damage.

5. Feel its texture
Pick a few strands and try running your fingers down and then back up. Do you feel some resistance from the strands while doing that? If so then that simply means that the wefts are made of real human locks and not of synthetic materials.

6. Find the breaking point
The area where the strands start slipping out, that is the breaking point. In order to determine where that is, hold a weft in a bundle, then run or slide your hand downward, see where the strands break and stick out. The ideal breaking point is at the lower portion of the bundle and not at the upper part. If you find it at the upper portion, consider finding another product.