Just like our own tresses, our hair extensions get dry and damaged over time when not properly taken care of. You don’t just install them on your head and forget about them afterwards. Just like any other thing which you want to last, you have to provide it with proper maintenance. Compared to our original locks, extensions don’t get oils and nutrients which are naturally produced in your strands making them more vulnerable to drying. This is the reason why they easily matte and gets damaged. And nobody wants that, of course. We love our extensions as much as our own locks. Now the question is, how do we keep them from getting dry?


Initially, you have to pick those products which are made of high-quality materials since they are more durable and require less maintenance. Aside from that, we also recommend that you choose remy hair products. Most experts prefer remy ones since they look more natural and are easier to blend with any type of locks. Human Hair Extensions Online offers a wide range of premium class extensions which are all made of 100% authentic remy hair. Our products are available in an extensive range of colours and lengths and they are all proven to be non-damaging. We also offer a free colour matching service to assist you in deciding which colour of hair extension would best fit you.

If you’re currently using a 16 inch clip in hair extensions or any other type of extension for that matter, here are simple and easy ways you can do to prevent them from matting.

Avoid washing
Do you ever notice how shampoos affect the texture of your strands? It isn’t recommended to wash your tresses every single day since doing this strips off oil and moisture out of your strands. The same thing happens with your clip ins. And since they don’t acquire natural oils which help restore moisture back into your strands after washing, they don’t have any protection against shampoo chemicals which makes them more prone to damage.

Apply oils or silicone coating
This is an effective method for maintaining your clip ins. You may use any kind of hair-friendly oil such as coconut, olive, argan, and jojoba oil. Apply any of those mentioned at the mid part all the way to the tip of your strands. You may also use silicone coating. These days, they are commonly used for prolonging the life of extensions. They are effective in preventing matting and eliminating tangles. Just keep in mind to not overuse these products. Use them only when necessary.

Take them off as you go to sleep
Clip ins are made for temporary use. You can easily attach and detach them whenever you want to. When it’s time for bed, make sure to remove them first or else you’ll wake up to tangled extensions. The friction between the weft strands and your pillow could cause frizz and dryness They might even get tangled up with your natural strands which could even be more frustrating. Once you have removed them, place them directly in a secure spot.