Megan Fox

This seductively alluring actress definitely knows how to create a stir in Hollywood, every time she opens her mouth. Her outrageous remarks made her stand out. This is what sets her apart from other beautiful and sexy actress.

Her headline-baiting raunchiest moments and her sexual persona manage to get her to stardom a notch faster than ordinary female stars. But for all her outspokenness, she is quite conservative in some ways than expected.

Hollywood is flooded with blonde beauties so it’s a no wonder why brunettes get special attention like Angelina Jolie and Megan Fox. It’s not surprising to learn that she’s been lined up to be the next Angelina. Appearance and character wise she already is the epitome of the younger Angelina.

Megan shows pattern that is akin to Angelina from her stunning looks, fondness for extreme behaviour, bisexual and penchant for tattoos except for the fact that Angelina had the talent where Megan has yet to prove it.

Although most bashers openly criticize her acting ability, they all agree that she’s beautiful, sexy and oozing with sex appeal. That’s probably the reason why she was proposed to be the next “Tomb Raider 3” star in the first place, unfortunately she declined the offer.

While more crowd are questioning Warner Bros decision on getting Megan to star the said movie there are still a few who’d love to see her on that prequel.

Like it or not she has consistently ranked in the world sexiest women. Megan Fox exudes an affable aura which could be attributed to her simple hairstyles. She mostly goes for beach waves, big waves, straight hairstyle or a pony.

So if you like to copy her looks and get her star appeal, here is how you do your hair:

For the straight hairstyle:
You will be needing a #02 Dark Brown in 20 inch clip in hair extensions to get a naturally thick straight mane that falls just below bra strap length. Make sure that it is made from 100% human hair extensions so that it can last longer and can be used several times. You can then part it in the middle to get that classic look. Just apply a drop of heat protector and hair serum to add shine before using a hair straightener.

To get the look, click the image below:


For big waves:
Creating this stunning bayalage is easy with clip extensions in #02 Dark brown, #16 Ash Blonde and #18 Honey Blonde. Attach clip-ins randomly to make a fabulous bayalage and then you are ready to curl. And don’t forget to protect your locks with a heat protector spray to preserve your hair and the extension.

If you’re ready for this sultry waves click image below to get all the 3 tones:


Hair is done, for make-up it is usually barely there just emphasize more on your eyes and put falsies to draw attention to your eyes and get ready with that sultry smirk she is famous for.