Are you a hairdresser offering hair extensions services or planning to expand your service scope to hair extensions? Well, there are things that you need to keep in mind before even booking a client for an installation appointment. Of course, the number of clients who are calling in for hair extensions is increasing and it is a good idea to add this service into your salon menu, right?

However, when booking in clients or even before starting the installation, there are things that you need to know about the client, their preference and the style that they are going for. Here are 10 Questions To Ask Hair Extensions Clients before doing hair extensions installation.

#1 Have you worn human hair extensions before? If so, what type of hair extensions was it?

 It is important that you know if your client is a first-time hair extensions user or if she had them before. This gives you an idea about their preference when it comes to hair extensions and helps determine what method works with their lifestyle and many more.

#2 Are there any concerns you have about getting hair extensions? 

Especially if you are working with a regular client, it is important that you know their hesitations when it comes to everything concerning their hair. It is alright to ask your client about their worries. Some clients are just too shy to tell. Some of the things they may be worried about are potential hair extensions damage to their hair, hair loss and of course, cost. 

So be a little friend who listens to your clients and provides helpful information so they can come up with the best decision.

#3 What is our working budget? 

Okay, whether we like it or not, a client’s purchasing power will always be a factor to consider. Of course, as we all know, human hair extensions Sydney brands offering wefts and tape-in extensions do not come cheap. However, this is an investment to be considered as every penny spent on a set will be all worth it.

It is important to know your client’s budget and provide expectations. Also, it is important to not only cover the cost during the installation but also help educate your clients that there are costs associated with maintenance and salon revisits. 

#4 How much time do you spend on hair care? 

One reason why you have to ask these questions is that this will help you understand if your client is capable of taking care of the hair extensions which is generally an investment. It will also allow you to determine if your clients are willing to add extra time dedicated for their hair care into their daily routine. Clients may also need to buy products specially formulated for hair extensions. Like we always say it, hair extensions require commitment.

#5 Would you like to keep your natural hair colour or would you like to try something new?

Not really a huge concern and most of the time, clients are proactive with this. But asking this can help determine which hair extensions to go within changing your client’s hair colour without the use of bleach and other aggressive chemicals.

#6 Are you after added length, volume, or both?

Good news is, hair extensions can help add more length and volume in under a few minutes! One of the most loved hair extensions methods in achievement that instantly longer and voluminous hair is clip-in hair extensions.

Asking your client this can help you determine how much hair extensions to order, what length and help set expectations about their look.

#7 How long do you plan to wear hair extensions?

One of the most important things to know before doing hair extensions installation is to understand your client’s hair goals. You need to identify if your clients plan to wear hair extensions temporarily or permanent as a solution to whatever hair problem they may be experiencing.

Some clients opt to wear hair extensions for special occasions such as wedding, birthday, company events, while others wear it as a semi-permanent solution to their thinning hair and as a quick fix to their short hair.

#8 Are there any medical conditions that affect your current hair health?

Okay, we know this may not sound too relevant, but understanding your client’s health status can help. Some medical conditions out there require medications, and sometimes those medicines are too aggressive that it can cause your client to lose hair like chemotherapies. Hair extensions are not recommended in case your client is experiencing hair loss due to medications or medical conditions. You may recommend wearing wigs as an alternative while their treatment is ongoing.

#9 Have you had any major surgery or any life-changing event in the last 6 to 12months?

How is this relevant? Well, as a hairdresser, you need to understand the level of stress that your client is under. Remember, stress hormones can mess up with pretty much everything, no exemption to hair and scalp health. 

#10 Is there anything else you’d like to share about your preferences with your hair?

Giving your client the chance to tell you everything they want about their hair is important. This way, you can help manage their expectations, provide helpful information and help them come up with a well-informed decision.

There are lots of other questions you can ask your client. Honestly, questions can really vary from one client to another as our clients are not equal and have different preferences. So always consider your clients’ personal preferences and ask questions that you may find beneficial in understanding your client before conducting the installation.