Hair Extension Accessories

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At HHEO we stock all your hair extensions needs, look no further for your:

HHEO stock a range of hair extension accessories that will come in handy with your purchases. With your stunning new Tape hair extensions you will need a replacement tape roll or tabs and a bottle of adhesive remover as this is a reusable product. For Micro bead, I Tip and Weft extensions you’ll need replacement micro beads for your next re-fit and you may need a plier/needle set for installation. Our washing and care range is a must have if you would like a long lifespan for your extensions. This consists of sulphate free shampoo & conditioner, Heat protector and a loop brush. They want to be taken care of!

Are you a hair salon or installer? Are you just wanting to perfectly colour match your hair before making a purchase? If you fit one of these options you are going to need a HHEO colour ring. You can either borrow one or purchase one to keep. To find out more about borrowing a hair extension colour ring please click on the appropriate product below.

With your brand new tape hair extensions, you will need re-application tape or tape strips, and a bottle of our salon grade tape adhesive remover for your next refit. Our replacement tape is made from the highest medical grade adhesive. Meaning you will have no slippage of your extensions as long as they are installed correctly and remember to not allow water near the extensions for 48 hours once installed.. With the use of our adhesive remover, re-taping and removing of our extensions are easy! Pain and breakage free if used correctly.

For Micro bead, I Tip and Weft extensions you will eventually need a packet of Micro Beads for your next re-application as all of our extensions are re-usable. You may also need to purchase a pulling needle and pliers for your application. Our Micro Beads are silicon and come in Blonde, Light Brown, Dark Brown and Black. As they come in a set for only $10AUD, there is no need to order separately. If you order along with your replacement beads, all of your re-fit supplies will arrive ready to go.

With all of our Clip Extensions, you may need to come back and order some spare clips after having your extensions for a long time, in case one of the clips ( because of wear and tear) falls off, all you need to do is order a set of spare clips and your set for the future of your HHEO clip in extensions.

Our variety of care products are a MUST if you want to have long lasting extensions. Our Shampoo and Conditioner consists of sulphate free, oil free ingredients, meaning it does not damage or fade the colour of the extensions and is also good for your natural hair. We also stock an amazing Heat protector which you can use on your hair and your extensions from Human Hair Extensions Online. The best type of brush to use with all of our extensions is our HHEO loop brush. This brush is key to making sure you can have your hheos for as long as possible with no breakage from tough brissles. They want to be taken care of!

Are you a hair dresser or extensions specialist? Or just want to be able to colour match your hair perfectly? We have colour rings available for both clip in colours and tape!!! This means you will find the perfect match every time. You are able to borrow one, or keep one for your own use. We have a colour ring for Tape and another for Clip in so be sure to select the correct one.

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