Tape Hair Extensions

Tape in hair extensions are the most popular permanent method on the market. This is because they are comfortable, inconspicuous, easy to maintain and great for blending colours which makes matching your hair easy! Tape extensions are also one of the quickest methods to install, depending on experience a full head can be installed in 30 – 60 minutes. These exact extensions are installed by many high end hair salons across Australia in capital cities like Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and Melbourne. This is because our tape hair is affordable and better quality than most big name brands.

We have the largest range of tape hair extensions in Australia, you will see all of our lengths and colours listed below. We stock all of the popular blonde, brown, black, Copper, two tone, ombre and balayage colours - so there’s a good chance we’ll have what you’re looking for! However, if you have trouble choosing the correct colour to match your hair please feel free to use our “Free colour matching service”. Our experienced staff will get back to you ASAP with what colour we believe will work best.

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  1. Tape In Extensions 16" (41 cm) Premium Quality Remy Human Hair Extensions

    • AAAAA+ Salon Grade 100% Remy human hair
    • Hair lasts from 12 – 24 months with proper care
    • 100 day returns & exchange policy. Longest in AUS
    • Salon grade blue Tape that won't fall out. No heat needed for application
    • Invisible if applied correctly
    • Free shipping for Australian orders
    • Stocked in over 1500 salons around the world
    • Same day delivery in Sydney for $17
    • 11 colours available
    • Hair can be straightened, curled, washed & blow dried.
    • Unbeatable customer service

    $65.00 AUD
  2. Tape In Hair Extensions 18" (46 cm) High Grade Remy Human Hair Extensions

    • AAAAA+ Salon Grade 100% Remy human hair
    • Hair will last 1 - 2 years with proper care
    • 100 day money back or exchange guarantee
    • High quality blue Tape, made in USA. No heat required for application
    • Extremely inconspicuous if applied correctly
    • Free delivery in Australia
    • Over 80, 000 happy customers around the world
    • Same day delivery in Sydney for $17
    • 13 colours available
    • Hair can be washed, blow dried, straightened & curled
    • Industry leading customer service

    $69.00 AUD
  3. Tape Hair Extensions 20" (51 cm) AAAAA+ Remy Human Hair Extensions

    • AAAAA+ Salon Grade 100% Remy human hair
    • Hair lasts from 12 – 24 months with proper care
    • 100 day money back guarantee. Longest in the industry
    • Salon quality blue Tape that will NOT fall out. No heat needed for application
    • Invisible if applied correctly
    • Free delivery in Australia
    • Stocked in over 1500 salons around the world
    • Same day delivery in Sydney for $17
    • 30 colour options – largest in the industry
    • Unique multi tone colours for natural blending.
    • Hair can be washed, straightened, curled and blow dried.
    • World class ongoing customer support

    $73.00 AUD
  4. Tape Hair Extensions 22" (56 cm) Salon Quality Remy Hair Extensions

    • AAAAA+ Salon Grade 100% Remy human hair
    • Hair can last up to24 months if looked after correctly
    • 100 day money back guarantee. Longest in the industry
    • Sticky blue Tape that won't fall out. No heat necessary for application
    • Discrete if applied in correct positions
    • Free delivery in AUS
    • We supply to 1500+ salons around the globe
    • Same day delivery option Sydney for $17
    • 14 colour options
    • Hair can be washed, straightened, curled and blow dried.
    • Australia's best customer support

    $78.00 AUD
  5. Tape In Hair Extensions 26" (66 cm) AAAAA+ Grade Remy Hair Extensions

    • AAAAA+ High grade remy hair
    • 12 – 24 month life span!
    • 100 day money back guarantee. Longest in the industry
    • Strong blue Tape made in USA. Will not slip out
    • Extremely inconspicuous
    • Free post for Australian orders
    • 80, 000+ satisfied clients around the globe
    • Same day delivery in Sydney for $17
    • 6 natural colour options
    • Hair can be washed, straightened, blow dried & curled.
    • Customer support from industry experts

    $83.00 AUD
  6. Tape Hair Extensions Replacment Tape Tabs - Will Not Fall Out

    Our tape hair extension, double sided water proof tape tabs are extremely easy to install as they have been pre cut to 4cm lengths which is the exact width of your tape extensions.

    100 Day Money Back Or Exchange Guarantee

    Dimensions: 4 x 0.8cm

    $15.00 AUD
  7. Tape Hair Extensions Adhesive Remover / Solvent

    • Perfect for removing tape hair extensions and the left over residue.
    • Safe on hair and skin. It will not damage your hair!
    • Easy to use and instructions available on request.
    • 100 day Look, Feel and Match guaranatee and free colour swap service.

    This item is for Australian buyers only.

    $29.00 AUD
  8. Tape Hair Extension Reapplication Tape roll (8.2m)

    Our super strong Double Sided Water proof Tape is 12mm Wide x 8.2 Meters long Enough for 114, 4cm Pieces.

    100 Day Money Back Or Exchange Guarantee

    Dimensions: 12mm Wide x 8.2m long

    $32.00 AUD

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Tape Hair Extensions Explained

Does it look natural? This is a doubt every woman has while experimenting with any kind of hair treatments and even hair extensions. If it does not look natural, it does not satisfy her checklist for undergoing any new hair-do. Tape-in hair extensions are the answer for every woman who desires those perfect locks, seamlessly integrated with her natural hair.

How Do Tape Hair Extensions Work?
Tape hair extensions are a quick and smooth way of adding layers of volume and length to your natural hair. Stylists love the way they can be easily installed and customers prefer them for their easy maintenance. Tape hair extensions are fused to your natural hair using adhesive bond tapes. Strips of double-sided transparent tape are attached to a weft of Remy hair and these wefts are then taped to your hair.

Tape in hair extensions have an added advantage of zero risk to a woman’s real hair. Some women prefer to just add a narrow weft of highlights put in to their natural hair to experiment with colour styles instead of colouring their real hair. This also saves time and money that would otherwise be required for other time consuming permanent hair extensions or a hair colour treatment.

A good stylist can help apply the tape-in the hair extensions in such a way that the tape bond is strong and perfectly hidden amidst natural hair. Adding a few weft sandwiches is a nice and simple way of adding volume to your hair.

Unlike the other types, tape-in hair extensions take only 30 – 60 minutes for application. They are perfect for those who want to experiment with different styles but need permanent hair extensions for the length and volume to do so. For normal to dry hair, tape-in hair extensions last longer, whereas really oily hair will need to be regularly washed with a sulphate free shampoo. Our tapes are even great for clients with short hair, it’s best to ask your hair dresser if your hair is suitable as they will be the one positioning and blending for a natural finish. Click here to find out more.

How Do I Care for Tape Hair Extensions?
Make sure you do not wash your hair for up to 48 hours after application. Washing hair will wet the adhesive tape, thus weakening the bond. The best thing about tape hair extensions is that they can be re-used time and time again till they are disposed of. Your stylist will schedule a touch up for extensions every 6-8 weeks. Do not oil your hair with the tape on as this will loosen the bond and cause the tape to slip. You may oil your hair once every month or so after removing and before re-applying the hair extension.

The weave tape attached to your weft will not wash out if you use an oil and sulphate free shampoo. For best results we recommend using X-Ten shampoo and conditioner to wash and style your hair, you can buy this from our online store. Care for them as you would care for your natural hair and they will surprisingly last anywhere from 12-24 months.

How do I remove Tape Extensions?
Tape hair extension remover, a special kind of spray that weakens the bond and is used for removing the tape hair extensions. Applying the spray will loosen the tape, thus allowing you to easily detach the hair extension weft. If you pull your hair too hard, before the tape bond is loose, you may damage the hair cuticles of your real hair. Wait for a few minutes after applying the spray to check if the weft easily pulls off. If not, then re-apply till it comes off easily.

Wash your hair with cold water and a moisturizing shampoo to remove any remaining residue. If you feel that the process is too frustrating, seek professional help at a salon to remove your hair extensions.

For those seeking a seamless-looking new hair-do without any damage, tape hair extensions might just be the best solution!
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