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We are Australia’s leading supplier of premium quality clip in hair extensions! All of our clip ins are made with the highest quality 100% remy human hair available, they’re silky smooth and have a long life span! Our clip on extensions range from 100 grams – 260 grams which are all full head sets, the amount of weight you need will depend on the thickness of your hair / desired look you want to achieve. The clip in range consists of 20, 22 & 24 Inch in 17 different colours including black, brown, blonde, ombre, balayage & two toned shades.

Clip in hair extensions are the most popular method on the market. They’re extremely easy to install, which can be done at home in a matter of minutes! They are even easier to remove and maintain. These sets all come with free delivery, we also offer an express service which reaches most areas in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and many other parts of Australia on the next business day!

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  1. 20 Inch Clip In Hair Extensions –Remy Human Hair – 5 piece 100 gram set

    This is the thinnest of our 20 inch clip in range, it weighs 100 grams which is classed as an industry standard full head set. It’s popular for adding volume to an up-style or for clients with thin hair wanting to add length or volume.

    $118.00 AUD
  2. 20 Inch Clip In Hair Extensions – Remy Hair Extensions – 5 piece 130 gram set

    This is our deluxe clip in hair extensions set. It’s an all rounder that will work for almost anyone unless you have really thick hair. Having only 5 pieces makes installing & removing a smooth process! It’s perfect for adding additional volume and length.

    $139.99 AUD
  3. 22 Inch Clip In Hair Extensions – Remy Hair – 5 piece 125 gram set

    Our silky smooth, triple wefted 22 inch clip in set is perfect for those wanting to go that little bit longer than your standard hair extension length. It weighs 125 grams which is a decent full head set. It can be used for adding length, volume or both.

    $159.99 AUD
  4. 24 Inch Clip In Hair Extensions - 100% Remy Hair - 5 piece 140 gram set

    Our 24 inch set is the longest of our clip in range and it weighs 140 grams. This is more than enough for a full head of hair! Made with high quality remy hair and is thick from top to bottom just like our other clip in options!

    $174.99 AUD
  5. NEW 20" Clip In Extensions- Remy Human Hair - 10 Piece 200 Gram Set

    Due to popular demand this is the newest addition to the HHEO shelves. This set is 51cm long and weighs a generous 200 grams. Like all of our clip ins it is triple wefted and thick from top to bottom!

    $210.00 AUD
  6. 20 Inch Clip In Hair Extensions – Remy Hair Extensions – 10 piece 260 gram set

    This is our deluxe clip in hair extensions set. It’s an all rounder that will work for almost anyone unless you have really thick hair. Having only 10 pieces makes installing & removing a smooth process! It’s perfect for adding additional volume and length.

    $270.00 AUD
  7. 22 Inch Clip In Remy Human Hair Extensions – 10 piece 250 gram set - *Popular*

    Having immense volume is gaining rapid popularity! This set is 22 inches long and weighs 250 grams, which is 2.5 full head sets! Have the convenience of wearing as little or many of the pieces as you want, depending on the occasion. You won’t be disappointed.

    $289.99 AUD
  8. 24 Inch Clip In Hair Extensions- 100% Remy Hair - 10 piece 280 gram set

    Weighing 280 grams makes this the thickest 24" clip in hair extension set in Australia! The hair is silky smooth, THICK from top to bottom and made with high grade remy hair.

    $319.99 AUD

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Human Hair Extensions Online has been selling high quality clip in hair extensions since 2009! In this time we have been able to find the best remy hair manufactures in the world and have come up with the most convenient clip in sets for everyday use. They range from 5 – 10 pieces, are 20, 22 & 24 inch long, weigh from 100 – 265 grams and come in black, brown, blonde, red, two tone, ombre and balayage colour options.

All of our clip on hair extensions are made with the highest grade of remy hair available which makes them soft, silky smooth, tangle free and long lasting. You’ll LOVE them! The extensions are all pre attached with small, strong, discrete silicon lined snap clips. These clips will not allow your extensions to slide out and won’t damage your hair. Before you buy our thick clip ins I would recommend you check our satisfied customers reviews which can be found on product pages and happy customers tab. This will help ensure you that your about to purchase the best quality hair in Australia.

Our clip extensions are cheap in comparison to what you can pay at a hair salon but the best part about them is that they are really good quality. Why pay high prices at a salon when you can get hair that is better quality at an inexpensive price from HHEO!

Our real clip hair range is commonly used for people with short hair and with long hair. People with short hair are generally getting extensions to add additional length and volume, where people with long hair are generally looking to add more volume. If you read through our options above, you’ll be able to find the best set to suit you.

There are so many clip in hair extension options available including double weft, triple weft, Single drawn, double drawn, synthetic, human hair, wavy, curly, straight, European, Russian, Asian, Chinese, Indian, coloured, natural colours, long and short just to name a few. We see our online store as being the most versatile as we can cater for all your needs. If we don’t keep in stock your desired set we will happily have a custom made for you! The waiting time is generally 1 month, but its well worth the wait if you can get exactly what you want.

Are you a hair salon looking for a wholesale price? We sell these exact items to hairdressers all over the country and offer them great prices. To set up a wholesale account all we’ll need is your business name, ABN and to see your hair dressing certificate. You can then join the 1000’s of salons who are obsessed with the quality we supply them.

Our online store not only sells hair extensions, we offer the full package. We have tutorials of how to put in clip hair extensions, we offer DIY products so you can take care of them yourself and we have real life ongoing customer support to help you with any queries you may have. If you’re unsure on which colour is right for you, we recommend using our free colour matching service so our experts can ensure you receive your desired look.

We are so confident that you will be completely satisfied with our gorgeous hair that we have a 100 day return policy / exchange policy! This is the longest in Australia by 70 days! All of our hair also comes with free regular delivery in Australia, if you would like your hair extensions on the next business day we offer the service to Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Gold Coast, Adelaide, Melbourne, Canberra and Hobart + all the surrounding areas in Australia post’s next day delivery zones. To receive this service you’ll need to make your order before 3.30pm on business days. We also over a same day delivery service to Sydney, Central Coast, Woolongong and the Blue Mountains!

If you want real value for money and complete honesty then Human Hair Extensions Online is the best possible option. All of our sets are actually what we state they are and we sell them at an affordable price! Don’t be fooled by our competitors who claim their hair weighs more than it actually does and lie about its origin.

Get the hair of your dreams today with HHEO!


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